Dog Hikes


Dog Hikes

Dog hikes offered by First Dog are off leash and we take our charges to Victoria’s amazing dog friendly areas. We take dogs to places where they can explore, follow their noses, run, and get to BE dogs! Dogs have an innate need for movement and exploration to keep their minds and bodies happy and healthy. Some dogs love to play with their friends the entire hike, some prefer to explore nearby and keep to themselves, all preferences are accommodated as long as the individual is happy and appears to benefit from the experience. Our experienced and dog loving pack leaders act as managers and Sherpas. And, safety is also a top priority. We positively reinforce and encourage sociable and polite behaviour; therefore, we do our best to set your dog up for success.

How our dog
hikes work:

  • We have an initial meet and greet with you and your dog(s) at your home (or location of pick up and drop off).
  • First Dog offers hikes Monday to Friday. Morning hike pick-ups start before 9 am and drop-offs are early afternoon. Afternoon hikes pick-ups are early afternoon and drop-offs are late afternoon.
  • We do not hike on statutory holidays unless special arrangements have been made.
  • We pick up your dog, take him on our hike, bring him back home (to sleep!); dogs are out for about half the day.
  • Hikes are approximately two hours long.
  • They have water during and after the hike. Treats are offered, and any allergy concern is accommodated.
  • We consider manners, and appropriate socialization as priorities. Dogs, then, gain an opportunity to learn as well to play with friends.
  • We go out rain or shine!
  • *Cost is $25/hike, additional dogs from same household are $14. Discounted rates are available for 3 or more hikes/week.
    *GST applicable

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