I hold a BSc. (Psychology) degree from the University of Victoria. This education provides me a solid foundation for problem solving concerning behaviour challenges. I believe in science-based methods that interchange work and play, so your dog wants to be with you, to behave well, and to build the best bond possible.

I have a lifelong journey of training and living with dogs and horses. And over nine years of direct and professional experience working with hundreds of dogs and their families in Victoria in a lovely blend of science based methods and an experiential feel for what dogs want and need.

I am also lucky to be mom to a dynamic young daughter, so I completely understand how it feels to want to stay on top of all the demands of life in addition to the often exhausting task of parenting. My goal is to help families connect with their dog so everyone has a safe, happy and love filled home. In particular, if you are bringing a dog home for the first time, and you are not sure what to do, or you are wanting to prevent problems from even starting, I can show you how to navigate your new amazing relationship.

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Dogs are thinking, emotional, sentient beings we are lucky to have the opportunity to share our lives with. We choose to bring them into our lives and families, and, therefore, we have the obligation to provide the best life we can for them.

If your dog is to be a great family member, you need to treat him that way. Bring him into the family, spend the time training him so he understands what you would like from him, be patient and kind just as you would a human toddler who needs guidance and safety.

Have fun with your dog and include her in your family activities – if this seems impossible or difficult to imagine, this is where I come in. Working with dogs is learned skill!

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Great results take practice and consistency, and we can lead you in the best direction. Please fill out the contact form, email us at 1firstdog@gmail.com, or call us at 250.884.5225 for more information so you can start off in the best way possible.

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